Spring Training?

So many fun things coming up!

  • Teacher Training Orientation on March 18th at 6:45pm….Training starts in April!
  • NEW Classes coming!  Crunched for time but missing yoga?  Try out our FLO45 mid day class coming in March!  With a shorter session, increased focus, subtle boost of energy and extreme relaxation, we have created the optimal conditions to create the ultimate state of FLOW that works within your schedule.  The Flo45 requires a little bit of experience  in yoga…if you’re comfortable with sun salutations, you’ll love this!

More fun on the way! Stay tuned……  ; )

Love the Snow?

**Update**  We’re back…all systems go!  See you on the mat!

**  Update **  Monday morning 9:30am class is ON!   Monday evening…classes cancelled.

So do we….but we don’t want you driving around in it on our account …. so Love Yoga will be closed Thursday/Fri/Sat…. and Sunday.   Further updates will appear at this link:  http://on.fb.me/1fM4Qcd.   You can always click to our FB without having a Facebook account.  So feel free to check there for updates throughout the weekend! (or contact us:  loveyoga@comcast.net   541-971-8244)



February and Beyond . . .

This weekend, Sunday Yoga – moved to 1:30pm !!!
We plan to support the SeaHawks and their yoga and meditation practice . . .
Read more about their practice here:  http://abcn.ws/1btAvdv
Sunday, All levels Flow,  Kickoff at 1:30pm!

February 15th @ Noon  FREE
Carmen Miller, LMT
Structural Body Workshop
Meet Carmen and learn about this Bodywork that focuses on balancing connective tissue to lessen pain and increase range of motion, bringing a sense of ease to the body.

February 22nd @ 4pm FREE
Dana Emerson/Open Soul Communications
Kickoff Party and Launch
!  (MUST RSVP here)
Food, Fun and a Fascinating look into your Psyche with Professor Dana Emerson who specializes in Coaching, Counseling and Communication.  Experience how your communication style affects your relationships and your life!  RSVP http://bit.ly/1iReA8g

March 12th @ 5pm
Love Yoga Teacher Training/ 8 limbs workshop - Orientation and Q&A
Curious about Yoga Teacher Training and/or the 8 Limbs Workshop?
This Orientation is a chance to look at what’s involved, ask questions and meet other participants without any commitment.  These programs will strengthen your practice and deepen your understanding, whether you teach, practice or study.  Come check them out!

April – May = 6 week course includes once a week yoga class + workshop  $160
8 Limbs of Yoga for your practice and your life
The 8 limbs are the yogic guidelines that enhance your overall well being. Each week we look at how to simply incorporate these concepts into our lives with movement, breathing, philosophy, meditation and relaxation.   This workshop gives you the space to look closely at how you’re practicing/living and examine how you can create a more balanced, healthy and meaningful practice/life.



What’s involved in our yoga training?

The Love Yoga program thoroughly prepares you to share yoga in a safe, knowledgeable and efficient manner as a Certified Love Yoga Teacher and clearance to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 if you choose.  This course is also available to those looking simply to engage in the yoga community, deepen their practice or prepare for future trainings.  Our intention is to help you find a deep and lasting source of genuine fulfillment through this experience and your continued practice.

Why it’s good:  Love Yoga Training involves all the traditional parts of training such as the history and philosophy to help you understand the foundations of the yoga lifestyle. (Foundations that are based on a myriad of resources such as asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras, mantras, bandhas, kriyas, koshas and karma.  Just to name a few).  It also includes our 8 limbs workshop and the alignment and anatomy education to guide you through safe and appropriate levels of asana.  You will practice sustainable sequencing for various levels and lengths of classes (i.e. gentle, basics, power, restorative, kids, etc.).

In addition to the traditional, we also incorporate some unique aspects that keep our program effortlessly engaging as well as educational, such as our Portland Yoga Tour, Interactive Visual aids, Guest Workshops, Meditation Challenge, Nutritional guidance and experiences, The MBSR (Mind Body Stress Reduction) intro, Local Karma Projects and more!

Previous participants have found Courage, Confidence, Compassion, Clarity and Calm. Some have gone on to teach, some have chosen to study…ALL share their strength, their experience and their love of yoga to inspire others to practice.

Click here for the dates, costs and application.





THANK YOU! ….for what?

FOR YOU!  We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have so bravely, consistently and joyfully ventured in to the studio and rolled out your mats with us…. And also for those who have helped us make it the community it has become.  Just to name a few:

The JollyMonz Pizza guy who made our Summer Solstice so tasty!
The brave souls who ventured into our teacher training program!  (starts in March)
Rudy Mettia for coming all the way from Santa Monica and leading us to Udaya!
Dutch Bros for the many flavors of  ’half sweet, organic, iced, green teas!
(many is an understatement)
Mike & Tara from Strala of New York for showing up and changing our perspective!
All of you who Shared the Love on your trips and travels with your Love Yoga TEE!
Cory and All of the crew at NoDinx for their patience and perserverance!
(We have them to thank for every one of our Tee Shots!)
Paul from Yoga on Yamhill for his amazing classes and inspiring insight along the way.
Pioneer School and Crescent Valley High School for allowing us to bring yoga to the kids!
DJ HyFi for the loudest Groove class we’ve EVER had!
The Crazy Ones who participated in the FOAM RUN!
Dana with Open Soul Communications for helping us figure out who we really are…
…..over and over and over again.

With a little luck, we’ll have just as much fun this year!

THANK YOU!four leaf




Love Yoga’s 8 Holiday Gift Suggestions

Looking for a unique and helpful gift?  Shopping for a yogi?  Here are some of our favorite things from Love Yoga as well as from some of our favorite places! Scroll through for lots of Yoga ideas and the links to help you get there quick!

1.  T-shirts are always a useful gift.  Who doesn’t love a soft comfy tee with a great message.  It’s wearable.  It’s a conversation starter.  It’s a connection.  85% of people surveyed have a t-shirt with sentimental value that they’ve had for over 8 years.  That’s a long shelf life for a great gift!  They also make a great travel item:  www.loveyogatees.com !
(Love Yoga Hoodie available as a pre-order.  Contact us at loveyoga@comcast.net)

2.  Socks and legwarmers!  It’s that time of year . . . anything warm and cozy makes a nice gift.  Check out our selection of locally handmade oversized socks, slippers and leg warmers!  $12 each.  (in studio only while supplies last)

3.  Love Yoga Passes! One at time, monthly packages, a trial pass or a GIFT Certificate!

4.  Yoga Mats are a great way to motivate!  We like the Mandukas for their durability and the Aurorae’s Northern Lights Mat has a great look and feel on sale now for $40!

5.  Yoga accessories/clothing for any Yogi!  
Yoga blocks/bolsters/bags/cleaners through YogaAccessories.com
Snug fit tanks and sweat shirts for layering (Costco and/or Old Navy)
Gift Certificate to a Yoga Clothing Retailer (Athleta.com; Lucy.com; Lululemon.com)

6. Yoga Magazine Subscriptions
Yoga Journal
Origins Magazine
OM Yoga – UK for a unique look at Yoga around the world

7.  Homemade Maple granola by Tara Stiles.  Click here to watch how easy it is to make!  A jar full of hearty granola with a pretty ribbon makes a thoughtful and healthy gift!  Add a box of Yogi Tea (sold in grocery stores) for a soothing gift package.

8.  Fabulous Fall Back gift:  www.Amazon.com  for the yogi that loves to read about yoga!


Celebrate the Holidays with Ease. . .

Holidays bring a definite whirl of activity with them…so finding time to recharge can be complicated.  We’d like to help make it easy for you to drop in anytime and escape, explore, relax, work out, connect…. whatever it is you happen to need on any particular day.  The simplest way to do that is with the monthly Love Yoga pass.  Drop in anytime, any class, any instructor.
Here are a few passes to choose from:

1.  $40.  The Trial Pass.  If you’re fairly new to the whole yoga pass thing, the trial pass gives you 30 days of unlimited yoga for all of our classes!
Holiday Bonus:  Buy one for you, Get one FREE for a friend!  (December only)

2.  If you’ve been coming to Love Yoga and are ready to transform your life with a renewed commitment to take care of yourself, the monthly unlimited pass (regularly $80/mo) is on special for $70/mo.  or $65/mo with a 6 month auto withdrawal!

3.  Additional Holiday Bonus! If you make it to each instructor in the month of December, we’ll add another free class to your pass! 

If for any reason, none of these passes work for you… please let us know so we can help…and consider our Tuesday and Friday night 5$ classes!  Always a great turnout and a wonderful practice for beginners and experienced yogis alike!

Remember to save the date for our Winter Solstice (Dec. 20th) and the Winter Wellness Walk (Jan. 4th).  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Walk for Wellness all year long!  Rain, shine, snow or sleet….we’re walking! (or skipping!)
Love Yoga Studios and our amazing sponsors, volunteers and friends are walking around together.  We are walking for Wellness.  We want to encourage everyone to get outside even when it’s a little chilly out.  BUNDLE UP! Sign up HERE!

ALL of the proceeds will go to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Join us on this 5k or 8k trek through part of the Willamette Valley!  We’ll visit the locals along the way sampling snacks, beverages and delightful treats.  Bring cameras, children and companions if you’d like…..just remember to DRESS WARM!
(no pets allowed on this route, sorry!)

Highlights of the Walk:

  • 5k (3.2 miles) or 8k  (4.9 miles) through North Albany. (maps coming soon)
  • 40$ participation fee includes T-Shirt, Gift pouch, hot meal and warm drinks.
  • 100% of the profits goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Meal after the walk  includes soups, breads and desserts
  • Nourishment stops along the way include hot cocoa, tea, snacks and more!
  • Encouragement stops include: yoga, photos, directions and personal motivation!
  • Sign up HERE!
  • Sneak peak at the Walk Tee:

Holiday Hot Yoga and the Winter Solstice!

Do you find yourself hustling around the holidays?  Quiet reflection and relaxation are probably not always at the top of your list…but regular rejuvenation is EXACTLY what you need!  Try out any of our classes this season for a quick escape…..OR…make the decision to consistently commit to creating calm, confidence and clarity in your life.  Yes, even during the holidays.  It’s possible!

With new options and great teachers on the schedule we know there is something for everyone!  Here are some highlights and special events to keep in mind as we head into the new year!

1.  Winter Solstice Celebration, December 20th 5-8pm
2.  Hot Yoga is back Sundays at 5pm with rotating teachers each week!
3.  Mom’s with kids (infant to 6 yrs old) Free yoga session, November 8th @ 1:30ish.
4.  Marcy Keuter is now leading an 11am Gentle class on Tuesday & Fridays.
5.  Rachel Stalter is leading a 4:15pm all levels class on Wednesday afternoons.
6.  Winter Wellness Walk, January 4th, 2014 (deadlines Dec. 10th)

Save the Date!

Our Fall schedule will be out next week and here are a few dates you might want to save!

1.  October 29th – Dutch Bros Groove Yoga, Tuesday Oct. 29th at 7pm.  Practice yoga with your favorite Dutch Bros Peeps!  Cost is a donation (suggested amount $5-15), toward the Winter Wellness Walk (Jan. 4th)  for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

2.  November 1st at 11am – Free Intro to Yoga.  Brief overview and then a gentle yoga class.  Participation optional, Q&A

3.  November 2nd & 16th – Yoga Smart for Kids at Noon!  An hour of yoga for you and your kids!

4.  Sunday Hot Yoga makes it comeback but now it’s at 5pm.


5 Reasons to visit Love Yoga… and 5 reason not to?

1.  FREE Intro to Yoga (October 5th @ 1:30).   (6 new classes; 4 new teachers)

2.  YOGA SMART for Kids (Oct. 5th & 19th @ Noon)

3.  Smoothies @ Hot Yoga on select Thursday Nights! (watch FB for specific dates and flavors)

4.  Yoga with your favorite DUTCH BROS PEEPS (Oct. 29th @ 7pm)

5.  It’s not weird.

1.  Afraid?  (Call me. Schedule a private class for your own group of friends)

2.  Low on funds at the moment?  (See # 1 above; Tuesday & Friday nights are 5$; we’ll give you free passes if you let us know.

3.  No time?   (Did you find this post by checking email, scrolling facebook or surfing the net?  Uh huh.)

4.  Yoga’s not really enough of a workout?  (Come to Groove, Power or Hot….I dare you)

5.  Too stiff?  (that’s like saying you’re ‘too muddy to shower’ ? ?).  That’s why we practice yoga…to loosen up, stay strong and be calm.

Kids Yoga, 8k Winter Walk, Dutch Bros night and more!

Cruisin’ into Fall with a little yoga, lots of walking, ice teas and a fun filled evening with some of your favorite Dutch Bros peeps!  Here’s a quick peek at what’s coming up:

  • Yoga with Dutch Bros. is coming late October…stay tuned, we’re still confirming the exact date and time!
  • The October schedule is now available >>> Click on the home page (the Love logo above)
  • Yoga Smart for Kids with Kathy – Next up October 5th & 19th @ Noon!
  • FREE Intro to Yoga – October 5th at 1:30pm.  Free demo, Q&A, meet the teachers, check out the studio.
  • Winter Wellness 8k Walk – January 4th, 2014!  Bundle up and get outside…we’ll be walking with you!  Details coming next week.

Tomorow! Our Birthday Party for YOU!


Our birthday party tomorrow night is for YOU.  We have lots of great things going on…so if you haven’t been to the studio in a while, or you love coming to the studio…now is your chance to celebrate, meet the teachers, pick up a new schedule and see what’s up at Love Yoga!  Bring your friends, your family, your neighbors……and help us celebrate!


FREE Yoga 6-6:45 – easy flow, all levels

FREE Desserts by Mara!

FREE Drinks for adults and kids and everyone in between

Wood Fired Pizzas made fresh on site! (5$/ea)

Lots of gifts to give away to YOU!

Hula Hoop Contest

Tree Pose Challenge







Groove, Celebrations & Costa Rica!

Three quick things:

1.  GROOVE is back on Tuesday nights at 7pm..starting this week…..come ready to move, sweat and smile!

2.  Please join us for our 3 year anniversary party.  It’s right around the corner…. (Sept. 20th)….more fun yoga, but not so sweaty!
Tangerine Tea and other drinks, giveaways, music, desserts, contests and the Wood Fired Pizza Guy will be selling saucy, smoky 5$ pizzas too!

3.  Who wants to go to Costa Rica with Love Yoga?  We’ve got a beautiful location in the heart of the magical, mystical, healing forests of Costa Rica……… who’s in???  (Photos and details coming soon!)

Storm Update!

We thought this would be a good time to let you know about our upcoming weekend… starting with tonight!   We are here, power is on (right now), studio is warm, clean and calm. So if you brave the storm, please drive careful, pay attention and take your time getting here.

Weekend Reminders:

Saturday is our first fall Yoga Smart for Kids at Noon!  Bring your kids (approximately ages 6-10) for a fun filled hour movement, connection and a calm flow of energy.

Sunday is our first fall FREE Intro to Yoga!  It’s Free, it’s simple, just drop by or bring someone who might be hesitant about starting a yoga practice.
We’ll have demos, Q&A and you can meet some of the teachers and check out the studio if you haven’t been here in a while!

Our most current updates and changes happen on our facebook!   Have a great weekend!

Did you hear about the . . .

 . . . NEW classes and instructors on our schedule?

Groove is back! Meditation is here! Thursday mornings are back! And here are some other fun events this month! 

SEPT. 7th & 21st   12-1  YogaSmart for Kids  5$ each.

(Parents enjoy this yoga session as much as the kids, everyone gets their yoga and it’s a nice way to connect with your kids!)


SEPT 8th  12-1  FREE Intro to Yoga.  (Demos, Q&A, special offers and refreshments!)

(If you or someone you know has been hesitant to try yoga, this is your chance. No obligation, just drop in and check it out!)


SEPT. 20th  6-8pm  FREE 3 year anniversary celebration! (yoga, music, desserts, drinks)

(Thank you all for your support, encouragement and friendships… please come celebrate with us!


January 4th, 2014  – Yep, you read that right!  We are planning a Winter Wellness Walk for January…. stay tuned, save the date, it’s going to be the best Walk you walk all Winter long!






How can we help YOU ?

We know that you are busy.  We know our schedule doesn’t always match up conveniently with yours…. YET.
But we are getting closer.  We now have:

As well as our FACEBOOK, of course!  All in the hopes of providing YOU with the easiest access to all of us.
More classes, more yoga, more ways to connect!


Reserve your space now for our Special Events:

  • YOGA SMART for KIDS - September 7th & 21st at Noon.  (Please RSVP)
  • ~  FREE Three Year Anniversary Celebration  – SEPT. 20th 6-8pm (yoga, music, wood fired pizza, tangerine teas and lots of ’gift aways’)
  • ~  New Meditation sessions with Melissa Murphy on Sunday nights at 7:00pm.